Kevin Toledo also known as ADVICE is a Puerto-Rican/Dominican descendant creative born and raised in The Bronx. Also, a college graduate who has been devoted to mental health awareness. Kevin has serviced many people in need including street homeless individuals, people with developmental disabilities, and at-risk youth. Currently a middle school counselor and developing a hip hop therapy after-school club. He has always wanted to help others, so he studied social work and pursued a career with different non-profits. In the midst of his experience he learned that working on himself was key to effectively help others. He then began to hone and garner a passion for putting his thoughts, experiences and knowledge into multiple artistic outlets. Writing became his form of therapy until it developed into constant poetry writing, then spoken word and lastly song-writing. He developed his artist name ADVICE because he was always giving advice to people throughout life and because through the music he hopes to share his two cents/sense.

ADVICE says, "through my art I learned I can still help and connect with people while giving them a piece of me at the same time and with my artistry I am able to give back in the most personal way I know how."